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The Purple Principles, No.#5

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The Soul Experience
Friday, August 26, 2011
For W, Diff & for Dad (R.I.P.)

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The latest addition to the ongoing BWBW Purple Principles series. A total of 10 volumes in all --- 5 focusing on Prince's rock oriented material called 'The Power Experience,' and 5 very sweet collections of his 'slow jams' appropriately entitled 'The Soul Experience.' 
His Purpleness has done a very good job of confusing much of his fan base over the years with his chameleon-like persona, while alternately alienating others with his erratic behavior and eccentricities. The remainder of us are merely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless reservoir of material that finds its way out of Paisley Park in Minneapolis. As a result, Prince's on-going brilliance has often been lost on those who haven't had the patience to stand by their man. But there's no denying that his talent remains unabated and as powerful as ever. There also remain many reasons why Prince should still be considered as a leading member of the Royal Family. Several of them are contained in the set below and the others can be found here within the Purple Principles.

The Soul Experience, Vol.2 of 5

1) NPG Operator
2) La La La (Means I Love U)

3) Courtin' Time

4) Sarah

5) One Kiss At A Time

6) NPG Operator
7) When The Lights Go Down
8) Extraordinary
9) Soul Sanctuary

10) Saviour

11) NPG Operator

12) I Hate U

13) NPG Operator

14) Sign 'O' The Times

15) Slow Love

16) Come

17) NPG Operator
18) The Plan

19) I Love U, But I Don't Trust U Anymore


Johnny Pierre said...

Indeed Prince's overwhelming talent can be intimidating to many folks....but then again we live in an age of self-imposed limitations (i.e. strict music genre classification, one track minds, a general disrespect for art in general etc) so I guess in the end I don't find the public's unwillingness to meet this Purple expericence head on that surprising. In the decades to come, Prince's work will be studied much the same way Zappa's work is studied today.

Miles said...


I think the correlation you mention between Prince and Zappa is correct. Time will show the wiser. said...

Thanks for the nod, Miles. You and JP are correct... but another major factor in listening to prolific types like Zappa and Prince (or Zorn, or...) is that no single album or style can define them. As a result, those who swear by them, often do so because they've delved deep into the catalog abyss, not the other way around. I don't think anybody thought Prince was a genius early on (though all agreed his talent was immense). It's not until an artist proves themselves over and over again, in different settings, genres (and centuries) that their 'genius' can become apparent - but only to those paying attention. Which is why I've never blamed those who don't take the time. Examining a big catalog by a prolific type is a major undertaking that I've always compared to classical and operatic listening. I KNOW opera is amazing because I understand fanaticism, even though I'm clueless about the music (oh, why hide it... I hate the stuff). But, just like those that don't yet know that Prince is a bona fide genius, I've yet to take the opera challenge myself. Probably for the same reason - no time. That's why comps like this help immensely. You never know what tune just might flip someone's switch. Keep up the good work Miles.

Leon said...

YES! I love these Prince mixes you do, Miles... was hoping for a new one soon. Looking forward to it.

waynecs said...

Thank you.Good to see #5 finally,I was afraid you had scrapped the project.

Anonymous said...

dead linx

Miles said...

File re-upped: 05/04/2014