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Walkin' With The Blues

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And Talkin' 'Bout The Blues
Friday, February 08, 2013

New year, new look, same old problems. No, this is not the end, but here's where we're at. Nearly 85% of my music links have been wiped out over the last 6 months in the ongoing war against file sharing. Yes, I'm well acquainted with the many issues (both pro and con) surrounding the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, as well as the many complexities involving freedom of the Internet. As an apolitical person, I'm not prepared to address or tackle the latter, but in my heart of hearts, I don't feel as though I've maliciously abused the sharing of music files, whether they be copyrighted or not. I have no desire to deny anyone of their rightful property, whether it be musicians or otherwise. Nor do I harbor any subverted inclination to 'stick it' to anyone. In this case I'm referring to the record industry and their monetary interests. My one and only wish with my work here at Birds With Broken Wings is simply to champion the music and the many musicians who I believe have made this world a more bearable place to dwell. Whether my methods involving the use of published material can be considered justifiable remains a questionable issue. Obviously in the eyes of the law, they are wrong. As for the Internet freedom fighters, it still remains a gray area. However, when speaking to the musicians themselves, thus far the vast majority that I have spoken with say that they're happy just to have their music remembered and heard. Naturally, they're not speaking on behalf of everyone involved in the industry. While many of these musicians are still working today, most of those who are featured within these pages have long ago fallen from the charts and sadly in some cases, from the very consciousness of the buying public at large. Not all of them mind you, but many. The feedback that I've received from these musicians since the birth of Bird With Broken Wings in 2007 has been uniformly favorable and appreciative of the support and praise they've received. These obviously are the musicians who readily acknowledge that they are now working in an industry that is immensely different than the one they entered into so many years ago. And with that comes a need to be open to and accepting of new approaches and different avenues of exposure. This is what I would like to believe I've offered here on this site, right or wrong.

So here's the bottom line. As hard as I've tried to maintain the health of this blog and its links, I appear to fighting a losing battle. I have no intention of packing it in, but I do believe that I am going to take some time away to reassess things for the next few weeks. In the interim, and this is important, I will not be honoring any requests for the re-upping of dead files. I just don't have the time (or patience) to redo 5 years worth of file uploading. Besides, I wouldn't even know where to begin (except maybe at the beginning, duh!) So what remains active as of this writing, is what remains. Sorry. The others I'm afraid, will be lost to time. Eventually I may get around to reactivating some of them (with your suggestions), but not just yet. You've got to understand, I'd be inundated with more requests than I could possibly handle, resulting in pitting one reader against another, pleasing some, pissing off others. Most likely, and at my discretion, I'll randomly republish older posts from the archives, effectively re-upping many of the files that have disappeared. Meanwhile, I'll continue posting new pieces to be dispersed among them, but only after I resume publishing. Sound like a deal?

In the meantime (to the best of my ability and with no promises), you'll find a short list below of what appear to remain active links hosted on dedicated servers as of 02/08/2013. There may be a few others as well that are scattered about on various mirror file hosts that I've tried in the past, but I can't confirm either their whereabouts or their health. Now if I were a really nice guy (as I generally like to consider myself), I'd include hot links to each of these posts for your convenience in finding them. But hey, I'm walking with the blues, remember? Besides, I'm not feeling so congenial at the moment. You can understand that, right?

Patti Smith
Kip Hanrahan
24 Reasons To Give Thanks
Rivers Of My Fathers Series
Ben Sidran
I Drift On Moonrails
Taj Mahal 
Roddy Frame
Time Since Come And Gone
Strata East
Diamanda Galas
Mas Ritmo Caliente
Jaco Pastorious
Doug Sahm
Ray Davies And The Kinks
David Sylvian
Jeff Buckley
Michael Nesmith
Jack Kerouac
Swing Easy
Psychedelic Beatles
Richie Havens
Van Morrison And Them
My Imaginary Radio
The High Llamas
Miles Mellough's Hard Bop Love Letter
Bee Gees
Just Another 10¢ Novel
Paul Butterfield
Blame It On The Bossa Nova
Willy DeVille
Jake & The Family Jewels
Short, Fast & Loud!
Shelby Lynne
One Year Later
Prefab Sprout
In The Time Of Our Lives
Gavin Friday
Abdullah Ibrahim
Sun Ra and NRBQ 
several installments of
TR-i: The Rundgren Index
and conceivably several others


Lewis said...

Miles, I can understand how frustrating it has been to see your links deleted. I appreciate your blog and all you do - I'm going to check out the links you mentioned below to pick up some jewels during this down time. Many cheers!
- Lewis

Ina said...

This is just to let you know that I will be missing your writing and the wonderful compilations on BWBW!
In the meantime, there is already plenty of your phantastic posts to listen to. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for "fighting the good fight" by bringing so much fantastic music to all of us who search the internet for sounds to move our souls.
Your thoughtful writing and carefully crafted playlists have been a source of great pleasure for me during the last couple of years.
All the best.

Petty Vendetta said...

Damn shame about your files Miles. I've been trying to make the same argument about cultural anemia but don't seem to be able to articulate it in a way to gather any support. Nonetheless, I'm pleased to have grabbed those Strata East comps- really sensational stuff. I believe that as long as your blog remains accessible, readers will seek out the music you have shared, and as long as you share it, there are those of us who will continue to listen and sing their praises.


Petty Vendetta said...

Seriously, though, fuck Amazon, fuck iTunes. Sly Stone is living in a cardboard box.


Alan said...

Miles, thanks for all the links on your site that DO still work (despite the gremlins) - I've been poking around and found this jewel today - NRBQ:

Many more that I'm perusing now... thanks again!

Jay said...

I wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful posts over the years. Truly a great job.

Miles said...

To all...

I appreciate your well wishes, but please don't write me off so quickly. This is just a momentary setback. Once I figure out what my next move will be, I'll pick up where we left off. Hope you'll stick around.

Spider said...

Hold your ears stiff, Miles!
Get all the offtime you need to come back strong as ever :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes - looking forward to your return, Miles! Your blog is one of the best around so it's worth the wait. Cheers ~

dchughes62 said...

Thanks for all you do. These seem to be common themes across the blogs that I follow, so hang on to your enthusiasm, and I will continue to enjoy your writing.
I seem to remember 30 years ago that "home taping is killing music" - reports of the death were premature then, I think, as indeed they are now.